3 ways successful email validation translates into better marketing

You have started a new business and an email marketing campaign is well underway. It helps your email list grow. However, after the campaign ends, things start to diminish a bit.

This could be because people gave you a fake email so that they could take advantage of your campaign specials. You could also have created a temporary email and deleted it once your promotions were stopped.

This is why using an email validation tool is so important. It can detect these fake emails and keep your list clean.

It’s not the only reason you need this tool. This guide will tell you more about what email validation is and why you should use it.

What is email validation?

Email validation involves checking an email to make sure it’s legitimate and belongs to an actual person. There isn’t a rule that says you need to set up email validation for your business.

There are many benefits to using the email address verification tool on emailoversight.com. It removes email bounces, doesn’t get as many spam complaints, and doesn’t blacklist you from email service providers.

1. Get rid of email bounces

If an email is bounced, it means the email attempted to go to an invalid recipient. Either the person deleted their email or they didn’t have it at all. Again, many people give fake email addresses.

These returned emails are doing your sender rating a disservice. To avoid this, you need to use email list checking tools. They signal those fake or deleted email addresses and remove them so that you no longer send messages to them.

2. Reduce spam complaints

Another thing that will affect your sender score is spam complaints. You want to get as little of it as possible. That means you have to keep pumping out content that users are interested in.

The sad truth is, you can’t please everyone. At some point someone can hit the spam button. An email address verification tool will mark the people making spam complaints so you won’t send them any more content.

3. Don’t get blacklisted

Blacklisting you will prevent all of your email messages from being accepted by the server. Some servers are pretty strict about this. Others will remove you from the list after a period of time.

A validation tool can help you keep your email list clean so you are less likely to be blacklisted. You should also keep an eye on your IP.

This way you will stay updated on your status. If you’ve been blacklisted, you’ll know. You can then take steps to clear things up before starting a new campaign.

Start using an email validation tool

An email validation tool is used to get relevant content for your email listeners who want to see what you have to offer. It can also keep your list clean so you don’t send messages to those who don’t want them. Trust us, using any tool is better than getting blacklisted.

Are you looking for other ways to maintain your business reputation online? You can find more information on our blog.

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