17 Marketing Hacks Every Content Marketer Should Know About

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In the world of digital marketing, writing engaging or exciting content is not enough to get more engagement. The foundation of any successful website is SEO and knowing how to use it. But even knowing the SEO metrics may not always be enough as your competition may be using the same SEO marketing tactic.

This is why you need to learn more about SEO marketing hacks. Once you know about it, your website traffic will grow remarkably. And that’s why we’re going to do over seventeen of the best marketing hacks, and by the end of it, you’ll be an SEO pro.

1. Use keywords in your url

One little recognized secret when it comes to SEO and keywords is that you can use them outside of the on-page post. Of course, you don’t have to put the exact keyword in the URL. Instead, writing a similar keyword is more than sufficient.

2. Add a subscription option

Even if you have little content on your website, a content marketing subscription option is essential. Add this because every time a new post is published, subscribers will be notified and returned to your website. This will speed up website traffic significantly. So don’t hesitate to add it.

3. Write long headlines

An important step in marketing is sharing your posts. And because of this, you’ll want to write your title longer so the people who see it know what it’s about when it’s shared. So try to aim for 8 to 15 words and you will have more website traffic.

4. Visit your target audience again

Knowing your target audience is vital in digital marketing. Once you’ve set up your website, do some more research on your target audience. This way you increase sales. If you want to increase sales further, you can find more information here.

5. Revive old posts

One way to significantly increase website traffic is to update old articles and republish. There are free tools online that you can use to see which posts are slowly dying off. Once you know which ones, you can rewrite them. This will also help you if you are unsure of what to write about.

6. Widgets!

Widgets are powerful tools that increase website traffic and add personality to your website. Try to get some useful widgets such as For example, one that recommends your other articles once the reader has reached the end of the current article. However, don’t add too many as it can cause your website to run slowly.

7. Look for trending topics

By the time you write an article about your niche, there will be hundreds (or even thousands) of posts online. So it’s best to explore trending topics and write about them. This way you will get a head start on a topic that has not yet become popular.

8. Create long slides

Most marketing researchers agree that multimedia content (slides, videos, or images) increases website traffic. Slideshows are always the top media shared on social media. Creating a long but straightforward slide will have a significant impact on your website.

9. Create a poll

If you want instant feedback, consider starting a survey. A survey can help you see what people want or dislike about content – a great way to know what to do to increase website traffic.

10. Don’t just share posts

A common mistake in SEO marketing is simply sharing your article on social media. The problem is that this way only the link is shown. However, if you write short but interesting posts and add a link to your articles, it will get people to click the link.

11. Optimized call to action

Without a call to action, users won’t know what to do and the chances are they’ll leave your site. Therefore, in digital marketing, making sure that our call to action actually inspires action is critical in digital marketing. Make sure to add links to your contact us page, subscription option, or other articles.

12. Check out your competition

As mentioned earlier, your competition shares your goal of getting more website traffic. In this case, you need to find out what keywords they are using and how they are using them. There are plenty of tools online that you can use to display keywords from other websites.

13. Have posts blocked

One creative way to get more subscribers is to use padlock posts. Subscribers can only see padlock posts. This means that people who haven’t signed up will have to sign in first before they can see the post.

14. Add creative pictures

As mentioned earlier, adding multimedia is essential for getting more website traffic. So try adding higher quality images to your website. And if you’re brave enough, add your photos!

15. Fascinating opening words

The only way to get someone’s attention is through an engaging intro. Find interesting facts about your niche and use that as an intro. And make sure you back up all the facts with a reputable website.

16. Use Twitter

Twitter has hundreds of millions of users, making it the best way to market your website. Make sure to add a widget or feature that will allow users to share the article via a tweet. Without a doubt, this is a reliable way to increase website traffic.

17. Reach others

Although everyone competes against each other, it is beneficial to get in touch with your competition. The upside is that both you and your competition can increase website traffic by helping each other. Contact them and offer some ideas on how to provide content that is mutually beneficial.

Use these marketing hacks and watch the website traffic grow

These marketing hacks can help you stay ahead of your competition. It just takes practice and research. But no doubt it will be worth it!

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