Publishing 1,000,000+ Words a Month: The Process Behind Jon Gillham’s Content Writing Service

Content is king.

Talk to anyone in the online business world making a living with content websites they will tell you to be successful it’s all about creating great content.

Jon Gillham is not just anyone, though. If Content is King, Jon may be the king of kings.

Each month Jon’s company Content Refined produces anywhere from 1,000,000-3,000,000 words.

To put it in perspective, Niche Pursuits produced about 20,000 words of content marketing last month, Own the Yard had about 300,000 words in 6 months. It’s hard to imagine 1,000,000 words in a single month.

So how does Content Refined create this much content and still provide quality results?

It’s all about systems. From keyword selection to their pod-based content writing services, their strategies allow them to scale content successfully.

The results speak for themselves. Content Refined has been around for about 4 years now and has grown primarily through word of mouth marketing.

This week Jon has even agreed to do the content marketing for one lucky Niche Pursuits reader for the entire year. A full content strategy for a year and 24,000 words!

You can also get 15% off a bulk content order through Content Refined right here.

1 year content strategy + 24,000 words 

The Content Strategy includes keywords, volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, and optimized titles

Expert content marketing strategy combining keyword research and link building using the best SEO tools available

4 months of content creation absolutely free!

$3,000 VALUE


On the podcast, we talk a little more about Jon’s background and how he started content refined. 

Watch the Entire Interview

What makes the Content Refined blog writing service special?

Content Refined is an end to end service. Meaning from keyword research, editing, and publishing the final piece of work to your site is all taken care of by the Content Refined team.

If you want to get your year off to a great start Content Refined is giving away a package that will get your content off to an incredible start! Winning a package like that could mean building a $2k per month authority site.

Using Content Refined to go from $0-$2k per month

Anyone can write a few articles, but creating (multiple) success stories is difficult. I asked Jon to give us a recent example of a Content Refined customer. 

The first success story Jon highlighted was a new site owner that came to their team for SEO content writing services. The owner went with a brand new domain and needed content.

The Content Refined team created a content strategy around a six-month plan the new owner approved. There would be one pillar article plus a cluster of articles around a high-value CPC keyword.

If you are curious, the keyword was in a competitive high priced vegetable niche. Yep, vegetables!

Each piece of SEO content started with a brief, an author would write, and an editor would optimize using tools like MarketMuse.

After six months, the site was generating $2k per month!

Was this a fluke or a repeatable process?

Jon has personally had a few six-figure content website exits. The focus on using data to write great content tells me this wasn’t just luck.

In a second example, Content Refined completed a project for a site providing advice on a $30k purchase. In eight months the site went from 0 visitors to over 72k monthly visits with content marketing!
metrics content refined

The team at Content Refined has made some significant steps to refine the content process as their name suggests!

What does it take to write great content?

Hiring a great author to write content is one thing. But if you’re writing the content with the intent of earning a profit, writing is only a small piece of the puzzle.

Keyword research is where it all begins. We’ve talked with a few content writing services at Niche Pursuits, but Content Refined is the first to tell us they have a statistician.

Yes, that’s right, an expert in numbers at a content writing service.

While writing content is an art, the SEO keyword research and planning that goes into creating the content strategy is 100% a mathematical numbers game.

Let’s take a look at all the numbers that go into planning content strategy

content writing service metrics

Add in the never-ending A/B test, and it’s easy to see why writing is a numbers game.

How to use Split Testing in Content Writing

Jon gave us a great example they recently completed. Using a split-testing strategy with a website on a trustworthy domain, with lots of traffic, but very little monetization.

Split tests were used to determine product lines and would choose areas to focus on building content.

His test chose five categories. A category was something like Sunglasses, Hats, etc.

Three articles for each topic category were written, totaling 15 articles in the test.

Each of the three articles in his categories was assigned a keyword based on keyword difficulty. The goal was to provide a high, medium, and low keyword difficulty keyword for each category.

Did this move the needle in terms of monetization or significant traffic?

No, not much at all, but it allowed the team to create a fantastic content strategy that made ranking keywords and monetization much more manageable.

Instead of throwing darts and hope for results, or guessing blindly where to go next, now they knew they were creating content in the best places.

Once the data is gathered, Jon says that’s when the team drops “the big content bomb”. The content is now zoned in and more likely to succeed.

This strategy is a bit different than other content writing services. If you are considering hiring a content writing service, you should be aware there are a few different types.

Types of Content Services

  1. Do it yourself content writing
    If you are starting your blog or authority site, this is a great option. It allows you to learn the skill, but most will often graduate from this option after finding just how much work it is to be a content writer.
  2. Content Mills
    These are content writing services that are incredibly cheap. In most cases, these services work by providing the outsourced writing team a keyword and writing the content with virtually no other communication.
  3. Staff Writer
    A staff writer is a dedicated writer on your team you hire directly. Staff writers is what I try to do with my sites—often hiring writers in part-time capacities. You can save a few dollars by hiring staff writers, but it shouldn’t be without saying that the other writing aspects are now up to you.

    Hiring a staff writer on their own is difficult. You’ll need a full team, someone to be the content strategist, editor, or format content and images.

  4. Agency Services
    Agency services are bespoke services that have a wide range of services. This type of service will be your closest option to an end to end and quality content service. Pricing can widely vary and is often more on the pricy side.

Then there are services like Jon’s Content Refined, a hybrid model with agency-level strategy but content mill prices.

They can do this as Jon has made systems a priority. Here is what a typical Content Refined process looks like.
content refined content writing service process

By focusing on data, repeatable processes, and taking on clients specifically wanting to grow with web content, they can provide quality content creation at great prices.

Creating a Content Writing Process

To pull off a complex content strategy with success, it takes a crew.

Content Refined designed a pod-based copywriting system. There is a business manager, project manager, editor, and a team of writers assigned to each pod.

The structured process is not by mistake. It’s not uncommon for writers to come and go. Writers, for whatever reason, are a transient group. Finding writers for the long term is a challenge.

For large orders, you may even need multiple talented writers. Having a consistent project and business manager to keep the project on track is what makes the difference.

If a writer would leave, you don’t have to worry. The project manager trains and communicates your requirements to the new writer.

Hiring a Content Service Team

If building a team isn’t for you, and you want to go the route of hiring a content writing service, be sure to do your due diligence.

Jon gave us a few horror stories on the podcast of other writing companies he has heard of sneaking in affiliate links or reusing the content for their personal uses.

Whether you choose a content mill or agency service, there are plenty of options in not only companies but available services.

What else does a content writing company do?

A content writing company offers more than just writing. You can get services like updating content, product descriptions, search engine keyword research, and leveraging visual content into written content done for you.

Many companies have different offerings. Choosing a writing service that works for your brand is what’s important. Jon let us know of just a few options Content Refined and other services have to offer.

Content Updates

In one of my last podcast interviews, Brock McGoff said that sometimes updating your existing content is more powerful than creating new.

A content writing service will do a little more than just update backlinks.

For example, let’s say you have an article that you wrote a few years ago with the intent of ranking for a long-tail keyword. You may be unintentionally ranking for other powerful competitive keywords with this same article.

Your article could quickly be ranked on the first page for these new keywords with a little love and running your content through MarketMuse to optimize content score and word count.

If you are like me and don’t have the time to do all the website content research and SEO updates, Jon’s team at Content Refined does have a specific package that will tackle this all for you.

Video to Blog

Repurpose your video into blog content. As you can see, this is a strategy I’m using in this very article.

Jon joined me on the podcast, but I’ve also doubled down on creating a YouTube video and this blog post to create high-quality content.

My process is pretty informal, but Jon has this down to a science.

You send your video you’ve created to Content Refined. An outline with essential elements such as Article Title, Focus Keyword, Main Points, and a content gap analysis from MarketMuse are developed.

Once the project manager approves the outline, the article is written. The result is your 10-minute video just turned into a 1000-3000 word article (fact checks and research included).

Keyword Research

Another content writing process that you can outsource or develop strategies around is keyword research. Even though keyword research doesn’t seem like it has anything to do with writing words on the page, it’s one of the most critical writing processes.

Using tools like Ahrefs and  MarketMuse yourself is one quick way to gain a lot of knowledge quickly.

Outsourcing the keyword research to a content writing service can have its advantages. Since keyword research is something that the content writing service does daily, they are far more knowledgable than most would be.

Jon’s team each year looks at all the content and the data around that content. From keyword difficulty to word count over the thousands of SEO friendly content articles they’ve written, they can see what is performing well and what isn’t.

Using Ahrefs data will get you a long way. Using the knowledge and experience from a content service could put you on a whole other level.


There are so many options when it comes to hiring a content writing service. Jon is a great friend and was kind enough to be transparent about their processes.

Whether you leverage these strategies to build your own do-it-yourself content strategy or decide to hire a content writing service, I highly recommend you check out the Content Refined offerings.

All their content services pricing is highlighted directly on their website so there is no guesswork in what you are going to get.

Content Refined uses English speaking expert writers and are one of the most professional content writing service options on the market. Check them out here.

1 year content strategy + 24,000 words 

The Content Strategy includes keywords, volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, and optimized titles

Expert content marketing strategy combining keyword research and link building using the best SEO tools available

4 months of content creation absolutely free!

$3,000 VALUE


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