Best Food Affiliate Programs: Tasty and Profitable Food and Beverage Affiliate Programs to Promote

Food affiliate programs have always been lucrative for content marketers, especially those looking to monetize their recipe blog. The U.S. Department of Agriculture ranks food #5 as the most expensive consumer item behind rent, healthcare, transportation, and entertainment.

Affiliate marketing is a handy and often overlooked method for making money with your food-related niche website.

It can, however, be more time consuming compared to ad networks like  Ezoic or Adsense. That’s why we helped save you some time by compiling some of the best Food and Beverage affiliate programs.

The affiliate programs chosen are based on the brand’s reliability and professionalism, affiliate cookie length, commission, and simply that the food looks and tastes good!

Here are our favorite Food Affiliate Programs available today.

Healthy Food Affiliate Programs

Need a particular diet or a family-friendly healthy snack? These healthy food affiliate programs will keep your waistline slim, while your wallet fat.  

The Daily Harvest

daily harvest food affiliate program
Just looking at the Daily Harvest website makes me hungry. The Daily Harvest Affiliate Program welcomes brands, hospitality professionals, and bloggers to partner to sell good clean food for on the go. offers delicious and healthy freezable breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that you can prepare in advance for your whole family.

Jerky Subscription

Jerky is a perfect snack food for any time of the day. Millions of people eat it, and all ages love it.

Jerky Subscription is the World’s Best Beef Jerky Subscription Box Service. Monthly boxes send you great tasting craft jerky to your doorstep. offers a monthly subscription service for ordering gourmet craft beef jerky. Beer-infused or inferno jerky are just a few of the unique flavors they offer.

Smoothie Box

smoothie box affiliate program helps you enjoy smoothies and juices, plus healthy snacks, superfood mixes, and supplements in convenient portion-sized packages.

Easily one of our favorite affiliate programs. The average sale price is $121. With a 15% commission per sale this healthy subscription is one you won’t want to miss.

You can find the SmoothieBox affiliate program on Shareasale, where you can easily apply.

Organic Wholesale Club

The  Organic Wholesale club is an Experience-driven, Organic, Wholesale Club. Products Include Organic and Non-GMO foods with a heavy focus on Gluten-Free items, Raw foods, Vegan products, and the best Organic Grocery selection anywhere.


Partnering with NatureBox gives you the ability to earn on all new NatureBox members! NatureBox is a monthly membership that provides savings of up to 40% on hundreds of carefully sourced and nutritionist-approved snacks.

When you refer a new member, you’ll get $15 per signup on your content sites, and $1 per registration for coupon sites.

NatureBox affiliate details:

  • Earn up to $15 on all new NatureBox members
  • Affiliate cookie duration – 60 days
  • Newsletters with updates on promotions, contests and sales opportunities

Join NatureBox Affiliate Program


Bulletproof is an online store of health supplements and digital products, intending to help people who live a performance lifestyle. We believe in the power of mindfulness in clean living, fitness, nutrition, and positive thinking.

Become an affiliate at to earn commissions on our bulletproof coffee, fat burning supplements, and healthiest kitchen cookbooks.

Snack Affiliate Programs

Whether you run a travel blog and want to promote a travel-friendly snack option, or are reviewing your favorite ice cream flavors on your food blog, here are a few great options for snack time affiliate programs. 

Seattle Chocolate

The  Seattle Chocolate Affiliate Program is a way to earn commissions for promoting excellent tasting chocolate.

Seattle Chocolate is excellent for Valentine’s day or corporate gifts. With a 90 day tracking cookie and 10% per sale, Affiliate commission can add up during those chocolate buying holidays.

Nicks Ice Creams

There’s something for everyone at  Nick’s. From their delectable selection of Rocky Road to our mouth-watering Butter Pekan, Nick’s has it all – plus a whole bunch of other delicious stuff!

All Ice Cream sweeteners are selected from plants for their specific flavor, Nicks Ice Cream is a great affiliate program to give a special treat to any health or diabetic blog. 

ohnuts snack affiliate program is your go-to place to fulfill all your nutty cravings. With top quality, fresh roasted nuts and snacks, artisan cheeses, and delicious sweet treats all at an affordable price.

A smaller 1% commission per sale and 30-day cookie. However, is still an excellent way for your audience to discover, buy, and enjoy fresh & natural snacks.

Ever wanted a unique snack from a different country? Creamy Hazelnut truffles from Belgium or Salty pineapple candy from Thailand.

The affiliate program is all about trying new foods with a unique subscription box.

Meat Affiliate Programs

Need lobster delivered for a special occasion or have a craving for Bison or Venison? Check out these meat and seafood affiliate programs.

The Honest Bison

Premium meat products and a great affiliate program for any authority site with unique foods.

The Honest Bison offers high-quality, hard to find gourmet food items to promote to your community. Bison, Elk, Venison, and even high-quality dog food are all on the list.

Meat N Bone

Meat N Bone offers a wide selection of meat. They carry products from beef, pork, chicken, lamb to supplies such as finishing sale, smoking wood chips, gifts, and experiences on the menu.

Butcher Box

ButcherBox is a Subscription Meat Service for Healthy and Sustainable Meals. ButcherBox is a monthly delivery of all grass-fed beef, organic chicken, and heritage breed pork directly to your door. Need a keto meal? Butcher Box will deliver to your doorstep along with a recipe idea.

Join the Butcher Box affiliate program by applying on ShareaSale and start earning $20 per sale commissions immediately!

Perdue Farms

Perdue farms food affiliate program

Perdue Farms is committed to putting the highest quality chicken, turkey, pork, and beef products on customers’ tables – each and every day.

Suppose your food blog isn’t a fan of antibiotics to raise healthy animals. Perdue farms is a great choice to promote as an affiliate. Every sale will earn you a 7% commission and come in recyclable insulated boxes with biodegradable foam.

Lobster Anywhere

Lobster Anywhere has the freshest delivery available online for lobsters, seafood, and other seafood. As an affiliate of, you will earn 7% of each sale!

Getting Lobster in some regions of the world can be difficult, but with Lobster Anywhere, you can get Maine lobsters, Canada lobsters, rock lobster, and crayfish (lobster tails) delivered.

With a 90 day cookie and a 4.21% conversion rate, the Lobster Anywhere affiliate program can add some top-notch seafood to your food niche.

Meal Delivery Affiliate Programs

Subscription boxes delivering all the necessary ingredients for a delicious meal are incredibly popular right now. Better yet, many of the meal delivery affiliate programs offer high or recurring commissions. Here are a few of our favorite. 

HelloFresh Affiliate Program is an online meal-kit delivery service, offering a selection of well-known recipes and meal combinations delivered to your home each week.

Subscribers choose their plan according to the number of meals they need (at least 3 per week). Meals are packaged in easy-to-follow kits complete with pre-portioned ingredients and recipe cards.

As an affiliate, HelloFresh wants you to be successful by promoting the best possible customer experience.

To become a HelloFresh affiliate, you’ll need to apply. Once your application is received, a HelloFresh team member will reach out if your audience is a fit.

HelloFresh affiliate details:

  • Up to $20 commission on the first sale.
  • Cashback and voucher code sites are accepted.
  • Top publishers get bonuses
  • 14 day cookie

Join HelloFresh Affiliate Program

The BBQ Box

The BBQ Box is your go-to subscription box for all things BBQ, from recipes and techniques to necessities and tools, or even the best gas grills on the market. BBQ Bos is making the world taste better one bite at a time.

You’ll be in good hands with this affiliate program. BBQ Box is a professionally managed program with 15 years of experience and solid affiliate commission. Collect 12% on every sale from BBQ Box orders made by your customers using affiliate links.

Mr. Tortilla

Mr. Tortilla, a Tortilla delivery service with a cult-like following is famous for their OBAD burrito. The OBAD (One Burrito A Day)burrito is known to sell out quickly.

Jet Fuel Meals

Jet Fuel Meals is a meal delivery service that provides you and your family with healthy, delicious meals without the hassle.

Including a convenient meal delivery nutrition program, Jet Fuel Meals is optimized for those who lead busy lives but still desire nutritional meals.

Albertsons Affiliate Program affiliate program allows you to promote groceries, produce, meat, seafood. The affiliate program is private invite-only but with an option to apply on the Commission Junction website.

High-quality Guest Post and Backlink Services!

  • You Approve the Domains
  • 1k – 100k+ Publisher’s Traffic
  • NO PBN or LINK-FARM. All our guest-post plans guarantee 5,000+ organic publisher’s traffic except for DA20 and DA30.
  • Relevant Sites, in-content Links
  • 1,000+ Words Quality Content

Get Your Free Backlink offers its delivery service in many major cities, making it a great option for any affiliate marketer looking to promote food delivery services.

Sun Basket Affiliate Program

Sun Basket Food is a nifty website that allows you to order healthy, home-cooked meals and treats. It’s great if you have no time to cook or if you want to eat healthier by cooking only with organic ingredients.

If you’re into food and cooking, you must have heard of Sun Basket. They are taking the approach of Blue Apron but better, delivering quality ingredients to your doorstep.

For each sale, you’ll get a $20 flat fee with the Sun Basket affiliate program.

Home Chef

There are a lot of great affiliate programs out there, but few offer the flexibility of Home Chef was founded with the mission to help people cook more in their own homes.

Look around their website, and you will see that they genuinely care about their customers, and I believe that is why they have been able to offer products with new recipes every day. They have a great affiliate program and the customer base to drive tons of traffic to your posts!

You can find the Home chef affiliate program on the CJ Affiliate network.

Home Chef affiliate details:

  • $10 commission on the first sale of every new customer
  • Top performers receive bonuses
  • Cookie lasts 30-days

Join HomeChef Affiliate Program

Beverage Affiliate Programs

An easy way to increase your food blog monetization is to include beverage recommendations. With every good meal, there should be a nicely paired wine or craft beer. Here are a few beverage affiliate programs you can use to promote on your next food or recipe review.

The Original Craft Beer Club

The Original Craft Beer Club is committed to delivering the best possible craft beer experience. Each month, members receive 12 handcrafted beers delivered to their doorstep! Every beer is expertly selected by our team of founders, who curate from the best microbreweries.

Note: While the Original Craft Beer does sound tasty, there is a low commission and tracking cookie duration.

Art of Tea

art of tea beverage affiliate program

An online tea store that offers customers a unique selection of loose-leaf teas, all-natural teas, herbal teas, gifts, and accessories.

Cellars Wine Club

Wine subscription boxes aren’t just a trend. Cellars wine club is continually adding new wines. Cellars Wine Club offers excellent wine and unique collectibles to choose from, regular shipments, single bottles, gift boxes, even crates.

Founded in 1999,  Cellars Wine Club has been a leading company in the wine club industry since its inception. With an 8% per sale commission, this is a wine affiliate program you can rely upon.

Beer Drop

Shipping beer sounds costly, but Beer Drop has $5 shipping on every order, no matter how big. Beer Drop is a company with the purpose of providing personalized boxes of beers you’ll love.

Food Accessory Affiliate Programs

Don’t overlook upselling a food accessory or appliance on your food blog. If using a particular kitchen utensil will make a recipe shine, be sure to include your affiliate link!

Grill Masters Club

grill masters food accessory affiliate program

Join the Grill Masters Club affiliate program and earn up to 10% commission for each sale you generate. The subscription box will send you a unique selection of BBQ and grilling supplies, recipes, and expert advice that is not available in stores or on most areas of the internet.

If you need top-shelf BBQ products for your niche food site. Grill Master Club is the place. With a 90 day cookie and $89 average sale, you’ll be earning top tier commissions.


Do your followers need help decided what spice to use for a new recipe? Spicentice takes all the guesswork out of which seasoning to use in a given situation. Their meal kits help you find the right spice.


Amazon Associates is one of the largest affiliate networks in the world to monetize your blog. You can earn a commission on food products you refer your readers to. With so many products on Amazon, the options are limitless.

You could review a post on your favorite food products such as forks and knives, pots and pans, or even high-end cooking appliances.

Getting setup with Amazon Associates affiliate program is available for just about any beginner blogger, but commission rates are relatively low. Most items in the food category on Amazon will generate around 3% commission.

Smart Kitchen

smartkitchen affiliate program

Smart Kitchen is an online store offering a wide range of kitchen stuff. Shop for blenders, coffee makers, juicers and smoothies makers, and more on

Smart Kitchen affiliate details:

  • 30% of new subscription revenue
  • Original banners ads and content that you can use at your website to promote Smart Kitchen subscription memberships

Join Smart Kitchen Affiliate Program

Pinch of Yum

pinch of yum food photography affiliate program

The  Pinch of Yum affiliate program is exclusive to health-minded individuals who would like to earn money by promoting a healthy lifestyle on their website and other social media channels.

While it’s a highly targeted niche, the Pinch of Yum Food Photography book has an impressive 6-month cookie duration and 50% commission.

Online Cooking Class Affiliate Programs

Online courses have high margins, meaning more affiliate commission for you. With online cooking classes, you can earn up to 50% of commissions. 


learn cake decorating affiliate program

Learn Cake Decorating Online offers courses and ebooks on how to decorate cakes. Get 30% to 50% recurring commission for each person that purchases from your affiliate link!


Masterclass is known for classes on anything from business to photography, but their cooking classes are world-class. is an online cooking/baking class platform where anyone with an internet connection can take a cooking class and learn from the world’s best chef instructors.

Wolfgang Puck teaches cooking or Gordon Ramsay with his Restaurant Recipes at Home are perfect for anyone that wants to take their cooking to the next level.

Other Great Food Affiliate Programs

A food blog can cover anything from restaurants to family meal prep. Here are a few other unique food affiliate programs you can add to your list. affiliate program

With, you can refer to your favorite restaurants. When your referral purchases, you’ll earn 15% to start on purchases. You can also earn 3% on sales volume for “Specials”.

The affiliate program provides banners, emails, text links, and a detailed product catalog. They are always running promotions with special savings offers, so you’ll always have something fresh to promote to your audience. affiliate details:

  • Earn from 15% to start for purchases
  • Earn 3% commission to start based on sales volume for Specials by purchases
  • Detailed account reporting for traffic, sales, and commission
  • Dedicated affiliate account management

Join Affiliate Program

Katom Restaurant Supply

restaurant supply affiliate program

KaTom Restaurant Supply Affiliate Program is an affiliate marketing program that enables online merchants to conduct business with KaTom Restaurant Supply, a leading supplier of restaurant supplies, mainly kitchen wares and serving supplies.

With the KaTom affiliate program, you earn commissions selling restaurant supplies online.

How do you negotiate exclusive affiliate deals?

As most all affiliate programs create a win/win situation. Reaching out to brands you want to promote is often easier than you might think.

Email the company’s sales or marketing team you want to promote and let them know you are interested in promoting their product on an affiliate or referral basis. In most cases, since they have nothing to lose, you’ll often get a positive response.

How many affiliate programs should I join?

One of the most common questions about affiliate marketing is how many programs to join. It can be overwhelming for some people to get started seeing others who are promoting hundreds of different brands.

The good news is you don’t need to sign up with all your affiliates right off the bat! You’ll want to be strategic and implement a plan for your affiliate marketing.

Get started with a few affiliate programs that fit the best for your niche. Once you’ve started to generate a few sales, you can always expand by adding more affiliates and content to your site.

Types of Affiliate Payouts:

  • Pay per Sale. The most common affiliate commission is pay per sale. Every time a sale is made that you have referred, you will earn a set fee or commission percentage.
  • Payment per lead. In this case, when users go to the promoted website and complete a form, you’ll get a commission. These are typically lower commission rates than pay per sale, but as the user didn’t have to purchase anything, the barrier is lower and greater for conversion.
  • Pay Per Call. A method widely used in some types of businesses, predominantly local or service-based businesses, consists of getting a user to call a particular tracked phone number. The call will typically require a specific call length or buyer intent to qualify for a commission.

Other types of compensation, such as pay per click (CPC) or pay per thousand impressions (CPM) are also popular. However, these are typically more common in advertising networks rather than affiliate marketing programs.

What is Affiliate Cookie Length?

To receive a commission for sending traffic to an advertiser, you’ll use a unique link, which most refer to as an affiliate link. Each time one of your visitors clicks your affiliate link, the website’s visitor’s clicks will be tracked, usually with cookies.

The term cookie length or cookie duration refers to how long the cookie will keep track of your referral.

If an affiliate program has a 90-day cookie, this means your referral must purchase within 90 days of clicking your link for you to get paid.

How Can I Promote Food Affiliates?

Each affiliate program will have its requirements as to how you can promote their products. For example, some affiliates will strictly forbid paid advertising for particular keywords, while others will encourage it. For most affiliate programs in the food industry, you’ll have plenty of options to promote food services.

  • YouTube: whether you are doing taste tests or showing someone how to cook. Youtube can be a great channel to promote affiliate links. As you record your video, you’ll instruct viewers to the video notes where you’ll have placed your unique affiliate link.
  • Blog: Content marketing is by far the most popular option for making money with affiliate marketing. By creating evergreen content with an eye for great keywords, you’ll be able to monetize quickly.
  • Social Media: Not all affiliate programs allow you to promote on  social media, but for food affiliate programs, you’ll want to leverage the power of Facebook and Twitter to catch people when they are hungry or looking for their next recipe.
  • Email Marketing: If you have a list of email subscribers, you can include your affiliate promotions in your email newsletter. Email marketing has proven time and time again to be an excellent channel for connecting with your audience. Send your audience affiliate offers that make sense. Just be sure the offers are relevant; otherwise, your email subscribers may feel inclined to hit the unsubscribe button.

Affiliate Marketing Earnings Disclaimers

When you make money by referring to affiliate links you will need to include a disclaimer, you can see an example of an earnings disclaimer in the footer of the Niche Pursuits site.

Most affiliate programs and networks will tell you the requirements, or if needed a quick Google search, you will be able to find plenty of templates that will work for your blog.

Now Get to Monetizing Your Food Blog

Give a few of the affiliate programs a try. When reaching out fill out the application honestly and show the affiliate program managers that you genuinely want to promote their products. When you do this, you’ll have a good chance of getting accepted to the affiliate program even if you are just beginning. 

If you are looking for additional ways to monetize your blog, join our email newsletter below to stay up to date on all niche website news and ideas. 

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