33 Exciting Things To Flip For Profit: Easiest Items To Resell

What are the best things to flip for money?

If you need extra cash, buying and reselling items for a profit can be an enjoyable and rewarding way to get it!

Anything of value can be flipped, but there are categories of products that are quicker and easier to sell than others.

We’re sharing 33 of the best items to resell to make a decent profit!

Best Things To Buy And Sell For Profit

best things to flip for profit

If the term ‘flipping’ is new to you, here’s a quick intro!

Flipping is the art of buying something for a low price and reselling it for a profit. 

Sometimes this involves giving the item a bit of TLC, like upcycling a piece of furniture or restoring an old car.

Sometimes products don’t need any attention. It’s just a matter of finding the right buyer to pay more for what you’ve found.

Finding things to flip is the perfect side hustle for anyone with a few hours a week to spare. However, some people have even managed to turn flipping into a full-time career and have become very successful.

While there are many different ideas in this list, we recommend choosing something interesting to you to enjoy the process.

This way, you will have much more fun when searching for your items and get an extra rush when making the final sale!


If you know what you’re looking for, antiques are great to flip for some serious profits. 

Often, many sellers don’t know the actual value of the item.

Research is essential when buying and selling antiques. 

Lookup any stamps, hallmarks, or markings on the piece to see if you can work out its origin. Do further research to determine the selling price of similar items.

An estate sale is a great place to start your search for antiques, and eBay is an excellent place for flipping them for a nice profit!


best things to buy and sell for profit

If you’re new to flipping, furniture can be a great way to get started.

It’s easy to find secondhand furniture cheap, and you might even find some pieces for free. 

When it comes to flipping furniture, upcycling can add serious value before selling. Refinishing it and adding new hardware can give it a new lease of life!


Flipping cars can be a lucrative and fun hobby. 

Cars are reasonably high-ticket items, so your profit for each sale made may be higher too. People are always looking for vehicles, and they can often sell quite quickly.

Used car auctions are the ideal place to look for used cars to flip. You might even strike gold by finding a priceless classic car!

Learn how to flip cars here.

Concert Tickets

This one might surprise you, but reselling tickets can be a great way to make some quick cash! 

Whether for sports games or concerts, people will pay good money to get their hands on a ticket for an event that has already sold out.

Flipping tickets can be a fun way to earn extra money, and some people have even managed to turn it into a full-time income, making around $1000 a week! 

Want to know more about ticket flipping?

Read our in-depth article on how to get started flipping tickets to find out everything you need to know!



Clothing is another excellent item to flip for profit. 

The great thing is, you don’t need much upfront cash to get started as you can buy secondhand clothes for just a couple of dollars apiece. 

Thrift stores and yard sales are great places for picking up a bargain. You may even get lucky by finding some vintage clothing or pieces by designer brands that will sell for a higher price. 

Maternity clothes are worth looking out for, too, since they can be harder to come by. Moms-to-be are always searching for maternity clothes on eBay and are willing to pay good money for the right item!

Learn how to buy and sell used clothes online.


Designer sneakers are more popular than ever, with people lining up and down the street when a new pair launches. 

The great news is, you can use this demand to your advantage and make huge profits flipping sneakers!


best items to resell

Books are yet another easy and affordable thing to flip! 

You can pick them up at low prices at so many venues and resell them online where they’ll have more value.

Quickly find out how much a book is selling for using the free Bookscouter app, so you know if it’s worth buying.

The best types of books to sell are:

  • Textbooks
  • Guide Books
  • Nonfiction
  • Sheet Music
  • Art & Crafts

You can resell books for a profit on Amazon, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace.

Learn how to flip books online.

Garden Furniture

If you can find some cheap garden furniture to flip – go for it! 

People often discard garden furniture thinking it’s too old or dirty to use anymore. The truth is, a pressure wash can make garden furniture look as good as new in minutes!

Gather up attractive but cheap items of garden furniture in the winter, and resell them in the summer when they are in high demand!


Flipping websites has the potential to make you some serious money!

Some of the best websites sell for multiple six figures, or even higher.

Find a website to flip through companies like Motion Invest or in one of the many ‘website buy and sell’ Facebook groups.

Buy a website that is undervalued or needs a bit of work to reach its potential.

Once it’s generating higher revenues, resell it for a much higher price.

The trick with flipping websites is to go into it knowing what you’re doing. It’s vital to do due diligence to minimize risks and maximize the rewards.


People always need household appliances.

If you can offer people what they are looking for at the right price, you can make good money! 

You can often buy used appliances at yard sales, house clearance sales, or on Marketplace.

One of the main reasons people prefer to buy new appliances is that they can get them delivered. Make it convenient for people to purchase from you by offering to deliver locally.

Photography Gear

Photography gear is always in demand, with professionals and hobbyists alike. 

If you can find used photography gear at yard sales or thrift stores, chances are you will make a good profit when you resell. 

Things to look out for include:

  • Camera Lenses
  • Cameras
  • Tripods
  • Camera Bags

The best place to resell photography gear is eBay, which will give you access to customers worldwide willing to pay high prices for the right piece of equipment.


If you have the necessary mechanical skills, then flipping bicycles can be a great way to make extra money. 

People usually look to buy bicycles as summer approaches, so look for cheap bikes throughout the winter to see what bargains you can find. 

Fix them up, and sell them for a profit when summer comes!


Strollers can be a very profitable item to flip.

Because strollers are bulky items that people want out of the way, it can be easy to find them cheap.

Brand new strollers can sell for over $1,000 dollars, so if you can offer people what they want for a slightly lower price, they will be willing to pay you for it. 

The trick is to find the right buyers and arrange delivery. Amazon and eBay are a great place to start!

Sports equipment

Sports equipment is always in high demand, so if you can find it cheap, it’s worth picking up.

Sometimes all it will need is a quick clean, and then you can photograph it and resell it straight away. 

Flipping sports equipment is an excellent option if you want a quick turnaround!


easy things to flip for money

Toys are another easy thing to flip for money.

New toys are expensive, so parents often try to find the toy they want second hand for a slightly lower price.

Vintage toys are also highly sought after. 

If you’ve got the time to go treasure hunting, you can buy toys at a significant discount at yard sales and thrift stores.

Resell for a much higher price online on Marketplace, Craigslist, or eBay.

Yard Tools

Tools are expensive to buy new, so they are a great thing to flip if you can get hold of them at the right price. 

Yard sales are a top place to search for cheap used tools, as people often want to clear everything out as soon as possible.

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Quality used tools tend to sell quickly online, especially when bundled together with multiple items.

Car Parts

Sometimes you can pick up scrap cars for as low as $50.

Occasionally people will even pay you to take an old car off their hands!

If you have some spare land to store used cars, you can make good money selling them off part by part. 

Often people only need one particular part to repair their car. 

If you can take it apart and sell it separately, you can make good money!


This one requires some upfront investment, but there are HUGE profits to be made flipping houses. 

Believe it or not, the average profit on a house flip is around $67,000

Even if you only flip one house per year as a side hustle, that’s some decent money!

The trick with flipping houses is buying at the right price. 

Look out for homes in need of an extensive renovation that might put other buyers off.

Vintage Art

Buy vintage art at thrift stores and house clearances for just a few dollars and resell it online for a quick profit. 

Etsy is one of the best places to resell vintage art. It’s a huge marketplace that continues to grow.

Wedding Dresses

It goes without saying that wedding dresses are typically an expensive item. 

However, they can be cheap to buy secondhand because people usually want something made to measure. 

The key is to look for designer wedding dresses in slightly larger sizes so that buyers have room to have them tailored perfectly. 

A good preloved wedding dress will usually sell for up to 50% of retail.

Board Games

Who doesn’t love a good board game?!

Board games are a great thing to sell coming up to the holidays when people are spending more time indoors with their families. 

The trick is to buy them in the summer as people are clearing out their houses after the winter.

Ebay and Amazon are the best places to resell board games for high prices!

Baseball Cards

Baseball cards are one of the best things to flip for a profit.

With hundreds of thousands of baseball lovers around the world, they are a popular collector’s item.

Rare or autographed baseball cards can sell for thousands or even millions of dollars at auction.

Power Tools

flipping items

Like yard tools, power tools are expensive to buy new.

Even when secondhand, power tools sell for top dollar if they are in good condition.

If you know a bit about power tools and can spot a bargain, there are many opportunities to make money.

Ebay is a great place for reselling power tools. Get yourself in front of a huge network of buyers looking for what you are selling.

Lego Sets

Lego is one of those timeless toys that will never go out of style.

If you can find new lego sets at reduced prices during the sales seasons, these are definitely worth grabbing! 

You can easily resell these for a profit on Amazon or eBay.

Secondhand sets can make great money as well, with retired sets selling for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

Keep your eyes open for Lego sets at yard sales!

Vintage Rugs

Vintage rugs are another good item to flip, as they can sell for a high price! 

Find cheap vintage rugs to flip at house clearance sales, yard sales, or on Marketplace.

Resell vintage rugs on eBay and Etsy for huge profits!

Vintage Dinnerware Sets

Vintage dinnerware can be highly collectible, especially if you have a whole matching set! 

Even if you find one piece of a collectible set, you can still make good money from people who are missing one piece from their collection.

House clearance sales are a great place to find vintage dinnerware sets at a low price. 

Ebay is the best place to sell, with auction prices going high for certain collectible sets!

Vintage Coffee Mugs

Who doesn’t love coffee?

Everyone has a favorite coffee mug, and some people love to collect certain types of mug too!

You can buy secondhand coffee mugs for as low as $0.50, and sell them for up to $20 each online. Certain vintage or collectible mugs will sell for hundreds of dollars!!

Here are some winners to look out for:

  • Starbucks Mugs
  • Disney Mugs
  • TV Show Mugs
  • Vintage Pyrex
  • Fine china like Tiffany and Wedgewood


Puzzles are a great thing to resell, because you can buy them for practically nothing at yard sales and thrift stores. 

Resell them online for much more.

The only issue with puzzles is finding out if they have all the pieces without actually making the puzzle yourself!

However, many people sell brand new puzzles they have received as gifts but never used!

Vintage Lamps

You can often find vintage lamps for sale at flea markets or the thrift store for just a few dollars, but they can be worth a lot more!

Vintage lamps are another great thing to sell on Etsy for a much higher price.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are a profitable item to flip, especially if you are a musician yourself and know what to look for!

Keep an eye out for popular brands such as:

  • Gibson
  • Yamaha
  • Fender
  • Steinway
  • Harmon Professional
  • Shure

Musical instruments from quality brands that are in good condition can make a lot of money.

Exercise Equipment

Gym equipment and weights are some of the best things to flip if you can get them for the right price. 

Exercise equipment is always in demand, and there are always plenty of people selling as well.

Since gym equipment is bulky, you will need to factor in the cost of transport.

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to find local buyers. It’s completely free to list your items, and no commission fees when you sell!

Baby Items

Baby gear is one of the easiest things to flip for profit.

Popular items that make money:

  • Baby Carriers
  • Bouncy Chairs
  • Baby Walkers
  • Door Bouncers
  • Jumparoos
  • Rockers

These products have a good resale value if they are in good condition. You can buy them cheaply from yard sales and resell them on eBay!


Jewelry can be flipped for good money quickly if you know the right places to buy and sell. 

Flea markets and yard sales are top spots to find jewelry to flip. 

Once you’ve found the right pieces, Etsy is the best marketplace to sell them on!

Where to find the best things to flip for profit

best item to resell

Thankfully there are many outlets and online platforms where you can find things to flip for money.

Recommended places include:

  • Thrift Store
  • House Clearance Sales
  • Yard Sales
  • Junk Shops
  • Auctions
  • Tips
  • eBay
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Craigslist

You might have to hunt around a bit in these places, but you will find some gems out there!

The best places to resell items for a profit

When you’re ready to resell your items, there are a few good places:

  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Amazon
  • Private Sales
  • Your website or social media
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Poshmark

You will notice some of the places we’re recommending to resell your flipped items for a profit are the same places we recommended to buy.

The key to reselling for a higher price on eBay and Facebook Marketplace is to optimize your listing and take great photos!

How Much Can You Make Flipping Items?

How much you make will depend on the amount of time you can spend on the venture. 

If you can dedicate a couple of hours a week to flipping, you might find yourself earning upwards of $300 a month. 

But, if you can put in more time, you could potentially turn this into a full-time earner.

Some professional flippers out there are making upwards of six figures a year!

5 Tips To Make Money Flipping

  • Buy at the right price – Check how much similar items are selling for before you make a purchase. Know roughly how much profit you will make on each sale.
  • Negotiate on the price – Unless you are buying at an auction, there is usually scope to negotiate on the price. Every dollar you save will add to your profits!
  • Start at home – If you’re short on cash when you’re getting started, start by flipping items from your own home. Reinvest the money on new things to flip.
  • Optimize your listings – When you’re selling on online marketplaces like eBay, make sure you optimize your listing with the right keywords. Look for similar items that have already sold for a high price and use their title and description for inspiration.
  • Photos – Make sure you take lots of pictures of the product. Natural light is best. For smaller items, photograph them on a sheet of white paper.

Best Items To Resell

Flipping items for profit is a fun way to make extra cash in your spare time. 

If you find the right things to flip, you can even turn it into a full-time occupation!

No matter what you decide to flip, the key to reselling for a profit is buying at the right price. 

Make sure you always have your phone with you while you are scouting for items to buy and sell so that you can check their current market value.

It’s best to know your profit margin before buying.

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