How Travis Jamison went from an 8-digit exit to starting an online investing community with is a community made up of people who work and invest in a number of online businesses.

As stated on the homepage, it is a “home for entrepreneurs who have become investors”. And is further described as a jumble of investments, startups, and online business discussions. ‘

The community is a place to ask questions, share profits, exchange business ideas, and connect with like-minded online business investors.

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  • high quality email newsletters
  • Tips on websites for sale
  • a podcast
  • Networking opportunities
  • with more planned for the future

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Travis Jamison and Richard Patey was founded by Travis Jamison and Richard Patey.

Both have been very successful in the online business. They have had significant business exits that have enabled them to become investors in a wide variety of companies and entrepreneurs.

Travis was on the podcast back in 2015.

His biggest exit was AMZtracker, which he and another co-founder sold for over $ 10 million in 2015. AMZTracker is a tool that Amazon sellers can use to improve their product lists and rankings on Amazon.

Together with other experienced online business people like Colin Ma, they run this forum and newsletter to the great benefit of the website investing community.

Travis Jamison Podcast

Travis Jamison InvestingWe recently had Travis Jamison on the podcast again to talk about

We cover Travis’ 13 year entrepreneurial background, which includes:

Travis obviously has a diverse background and experience in a number of online business and investment circles.

He is passionate about the online business world, not the stock market and other investment opportunities. He has also developed a keen interest in crypto assets.

In this interview, we talk about our business goals, hopes and aspirations, and what drives us to keep going after we find a measure of success. If you like a little bit of business philosophy, you will enjoy chatting!

Regarding, Travis states that they are really entrepreneurs who have turned into investors.

Other mutuals and mutual funds tend to talk more about the stock market, finance, foreign exchange, etc. There aren’t many (or none?) Other high-profile investment communities devoted to the types of online businesses that we cover here at Niche Pursuits.

Where else can you get advice when looking to buy a niche website for $ 500,000? You want to talk to those who have already done it and know what they are talking about. is full of entrepreneurs who have had successful exits, are in the industry, or are just top of the list investing in their own online businesses. review

The platform uses for their forum has the same look and feel as Facebook without being an actual Facebook group.

It’s clean and very easy to navigate and find your way around.

Once inside there is a wall with the latest posts from the “Rooms” section to which you are automatically subscribed.

Right now, it’s by no means the largest community in the world. There are just over 200 members.

However, there is a higher level of activity and discussion than you would normally find in such a small group. As the group grows, the value will undoubtedly increase.

invest in websites

Discussion channels you can participate in:

Investment channel: The place for any kind of discussion – stocks, funds, metals, crypto, VC, real estate, pirate ships, etc.

Online Biz Investing: Anything to do with online businesses. Buy / Sell, Operations, Domains, Marketing, Growth, Funds, etc. Share or ask a question.

Startups: Finding deal flow, angel investing, syndicates, due diligence, etc. Ask your questions or share your ideas.

Your investments: Invest in a new fund, buy a website or bullish a stock? Share what you’re up to, get feedback, and help others.

The water cooler: Casual conversations, cat videos, interesting articles or whatever your heart desires.

Share knowledge / link: Share industry news and information.

When it comes to doing business online and buying and selling websites, there is a lot of interest within the community. Ultimately, that is the common thread and the greatest interest of most of those who are there.

When you sign up for the newsletter, the first email will contain a list of the types of questions that are being asked in the community.

They give a good indication of what’s going on and whether you might have the right fit.

Here are some examples of real Subjects:

  • Where Are Multiples Going For FBA And Ecommerce Businesses?
  • Acquiring a minority stake in a company – how do you structure that?
  • My experience with the Angellist Access Fund
  • Buying private stocks on the secondary market?
  • Funds for the site Invest?
  • Let’s talk about the risk of inflation … and how you can protect yourself from it
  • How are “content investments” handled by brokers in relation to reviews?
  • Content website case study update: 95% ROI in 6 months
  • A beginner’s guide to reviews and an immersion in stocks
  • Do you need to sign a non-compete agreement when buying a website from the seller?

You won’t be interested in all of the topics, but there is a lot going on and something interesting always pops up. also has a podcast called Website Investing where they interview online business people and share success stories.

Just check out some of the episode titles. If they sound interesting to you, the community is likely a good fit too.

The newsletter

juliet lyallIn the podcast we discuss how started out as an email newsletter and the forum was added later.

The newsletter is now produced by Juliet Lyall and alerts investors to deals, industry news and events in the community.

It covers:

  • Start-up based stuff
  • Website invest
  • Good stories
  • SEO
  • Affiliate marketing review

For the right person, ie. Website investors and business people, the community is great.

Even if you are not actively investing in online assets, but have only really successfully built them, you will fit in perfectly.

You will recognize many of the names in the group and have some really rewarding conversations. There will be those who are much stronger in the areas you know less about, and you can make a serious contribution too.


  • Connect and network with like-minded online business investors
  • Learn from the discussions and advice that are shared
  • Get support and advice in making investment decisions
  • Find ways to invest in


  • Currently a small community

If sounds like the right community for you, stop by and submit an application to join. You will receive an answer within a few days and can take part in the campaign!

On our podcast, Travis had one final piece of advice for those starting out with an affiliate site.

It’s a wise observation (in summary, not a direct quote):

“Those who live and breathe their niche tend to do the best. You can’t hire someone who really digs into the weeds of a topic and knows everything that’s going on, from the different types of content to what competitors are doing to how best to build links. If you can focus on one thing, especially if you already know and love it, the more likely you are to build a successful website. ”

  • high quality email newsletters
  • Tips on websites for sale
  • a podcast
  • Networking opportunities
  • with more planned for the future

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