How 7 Niche Site Owners Use Link Whisper to Grow Their Sites

Link Whisper is an internally linking WordPress plugin that was created about 2 years ago.

So that you know if Link Whisper can help you grow your websites, we wanted to show you how some people are using the tool.

This post is going to share some of Link Whisper’s many features and the ways people are using it to save time, create better websites, move up in search rankings, and ultimately make more money.

If you’re new to the Niche Pursuits audience and haven’t heard of Link Whisper, I’m going to give you a quick rundown of what it is and what it does next!

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What is Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin designed to make internal linking faster, easier and more scalable.

Spencer developed the tool to “scratch my own itch,” as he shared here. “I hated the manual process of building internal links and knew I was leaving my internal linking tasks undone because it was a slow process.”

Link Whisper lets you quickly add new links to old posts and even suggest link suggestions when you’re writing a new blog post. It’s a full-service internal linking plugin, and nothing like it.

It has a great dashboard that makes analyzing your website’s internal links very easy. You can quickly find orphaned pages (the ones with no incoming links), view the posts with the most links, find broken links, and more.

Other functions not already mentioned are:

  • Find 404 error pages
  • Edit / remove broken links without having to manually open each page
  • Connect to Search Console for clearer keyword data
  • Connect the plugin to other websites you own to easily link between your websites

Link Whisper is compatible with virtually all editors and themes, including Classic, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, Thrive, Architect, Elementor, WooCommerce, and Kadence Blocks. It’s easy to install and easy to use – but there is always more to learn and the tool is constantly being expanded and improved.

You can read this post on the history of Link Whisper if you are interested in the origins and development of the plugin, or check out this in-depth Link Whisper case study.

Link Whisper Reviews

Here are some examples and quotes from people who have used Link Whisper and found it helpful in their online stores.

Mushfiq from the website flip

The Website Flip and’s Mushfiq Sarker recently used Link Whisper on a niche dating site. After using Link Whisper to quickly add lots of internal links, he saw some great results.

Here’s what he shared with us.

“I did an internal link with Link Whisper on a page in the dating niche. The website received 41,499 page views in June 2021. Internal linking started in mid-July and we received 54,172 page views within 30 days.

Previously, the internal linking on the website was minimal. The website currently has 1,495 internal links.

The website made $ 7,801 from affiliate marketing in June, and for the past 30 days we’ve exceeded $ 9,000 a month. “

Here is a screenshot of the traffic for the past 30 days:

Dan from niche pursuits

I (Dan) also use Link Whisper on my niche sites and last installed it on my Fire and Saw chainsaw site.

What I like most about Link Whisper is the internal links report. It displays all of my website link data in a way that is so easy to digest and process.

The internal links report in Link Whisper is great because you not only see how many inbound internal links a post has, but also how many outbound internal links that post has.

I want to have at least 3 internal links to and from every post on my pages, and Link Whisper makes it so easy to see if I’m getting this goal. You can see in the screenshot above that some posts contain a lot more!

Personally, I am a great internal links type – along with anyone else who has experience marketing online – I’ve just seen it work too many times to be ignored.

For example, I have a post on why chainsaws were invented (you can imagine what they were originally invented for by looking at the image below …). The post was in 21st place for a keyword with a very high search volume.

By using Link Whisper’s easy-to-understand link report, I have found that I have neither internal links pointing to the post nor linking to any other post on my website from this one.

Since it was one of the first posts I wrote for the site, there were no relevant articles to or from when it was first published.

I added 3 internal links to this post and it jumped from page 3 of the search results to page 1 within a few days.

Since I have the Link Whisper Internal Links Report right in my WordPress dashboard, I’m much more proactive with internal linking. It catches my attention more often and allows me to quickly add links and update old content.

I’ve tried other internal link tools like Ahrefs, but found that once you found the information you needed, they were much more complicated to use and the links were harder to insert. They’re not as intuitive or helpful as Link Whisper is for internal linking, so it’s easier to just forget about. So I’ve come across a lot of orphaned posts and under-optimized internal linking in the past.

Link Whisper simplifies the process of identifying internal link opportunities and streamlines the entire process of adding new internal links.

Keith from the coined empire

Minted Empire’s Keith Mint has been using Link Whisper for almost a year.

He believes using Link Whisper saved him a ton of time linking on his portfolio of niche websites.

He shared:

“With well over 200 posts published on my various websites, I estimate that the Link Whisper plugin has so far saved me a whole week of tedious manual internal linking.

That saved a lot of time that I could invest in other tasks like keyword research, writing new articles, or just a little extra downtime. “

Keith Mint

The time-saving aspect of Link Whisper is definitely one of the main benefits of using the tool – especially if you run a large website or have multiple websites. It gets harder to manually open 2 or 3 old posts and add internal links to each new post you post.

Quotes from guests of the last niche search

We recently had a number of guests on the Niche Pursuits podcast or blog commenting on Link Whisper.

Here is what they said.

Mark Mars of Niche Website Builders shared the following about the Tombraiding SEO Keyword Research Technique in this post.

“Internal links allow you to share ‘Link Juice’ with other pages on the site, ranking them better and providing context through the use of anchor text so that Google can better understand what a page is about.

I use Link Whisper to greatly improve the speed at which I can do this normally labor-intensive task. “

Yoyoa Hsueh joined us on the podcast to share how he grew a content website from $ 20 to $ 6,800 per month in 6 months.

“So, right after I bought the site, I noticed that there were no internal links. I bought Link Whisper after I bought the site and internal linking got a lot easier – easier to organize and everything. I made sure there was no orphaned content – that was the big deal. “

Steven Hockman of SEO Chatter shared his affiliate marketing secrets in this interview:

“Internal linking is an extremely powerful but underrated SEO tactic.

I use Spencer’s Link Whisper plugin to help me with this process, but the secret is to use the target keywords that you want a page to rank for within these internal link anchors.

But don’t just use one keyword and the exact matching phrase for each internal anchor text. Instead, pick 3-4 keywords that you want the page to rank on and flip it with your internal anchors from other relevant pages on your website. Also insert a few filler words in these anchor texts so that you do not repeat exactly the same 3-4 keywords over and over again. “

Gaurav Dhir was very excited about Link Whisper in this podcast interview and shared:

“I mean, oh my god, Link Whisper is absolutely amazing. It’s probably the best on planet earth after sliced ​​bread for affiliate marketers. It makes things so much easier and internal links are so very important. “

Finally, in this earnings update, Spencer shares how he uses Link Whisper on his niche site Own The Yard:

Hit play on this video and it starts with Spencer sharing how he and his writers use Link Whisper on Own The Yard.

Link whisper offer

Now that you’ve heard what a lot of people think about Link Whisper and how we use it, it’s time to think about if it can help you with your internal linking.

It is good for those who:

  • Do you have websites with more than 50 posts
  • Would you like to save time with internal linking
  • You want to better visualize your internal link structure

And it’s good for those who want to easily clean up broken links and 404 pages – Link Whisper makes it a breeze to deal with these issues on a website.

We have a special offer for anyone who wants to sign up for Link Whisper this week. This week only, you can get Link Whisper for $ 20 off.

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Link Whisper is a revolutionary tool that makes internal linking much faster, easier and more effective. It makes it easy to strengthen your website’s authority in the eyes of Google. You can use Link Whisper to:

  • Bring out your orphaned unranked content
  • Create smart, relevant, and fast internal links
  • Simple but effective internal link reporting: What has many links and which pages need more links?

Build better internal links with Link Whisper

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