9 reasons your sites rankings fell in 2021

You used to have excellent search engine rankings for your website; it was all over the search engines and you received lots of traffic resulting in emails, phone calls, leads, and sales. Then something happened, you don’t know what, and there were no more leads or sales.

You look at your analytics stats and you see a significant drop in traffic. You have been woken up. When you look at your ranks, you can see that they have fallen or have disappeared entirely. You’re scared, not just worried, at this point. How could such a thing happen?

Rankings can go down for a number of reasons. Sometimes it is due to a mistake that could have been avoided. It may have less to do with what you do than what your competitors are doing. In certain situations, a decline in rank is the inevitable and temporary result of your planned activity.

With that said, let’s cover nine reasons why your rankings may be falling. Go through the full list below. If you’ve been seeing insane SEO moves lately, it may be because of one of the changes listed below.

You keep track of the wrong rankings

In terms of search, there has been a movement towards “natural language” in recent years, in which individuals enter full phrases in search engines or speak increasingly instead of just a few keywords. Your keyword strategy may be out of date if you pursue general terms. People who search for you use new keywords or phrases. Hence, your keyword approach needs to be updated.

Google’s “dance”

It is natural for rankings to change. Not just from one day to the next, but also from one computer to another, from one place to another and depending on various other factors. By changing the search results, Google continuously evaluates every variable it can identify. This is one of the reasons why focusing too much on certain rankings is counterproductive. Your SEO company can provide you with a ranking report.

However, if you examine them on your computer, the results may change simply because the report was generated separately. Alternatively, the rankings may have shifted since yesterday. Ranks unaffected by the other factors on this list don’t change much, but the Google dance might be the only plausible reason for minor ranking drops.

New website update

You should expect your rankings to drop when you introduce a new design for an existing website, regardless of what you’re doing to get ready to get started and how much better the new website is in terms of SEO than the old one.

Make sure you have a good 301 referral plan to avoid falling rankings. Many companies went out of business because of this one mistake. Before launching the new website, make sure it is well optimized. However, be prepared for a drop in ranks, at least for a short time. In most cases, the rankings return within 1-2 months, if not sooner.

Redesign of the website

They released a remodeled website to replace an old one and the ranks fell but soon rose again, even higher than before, before going back down a bit. Or you’ve created a fresh new website that shot to the top of the rankings after a few weeks, only to crash significantly. This also happens regularly. The trick is to be patient and invest in SEO that follows best practices. Long term rankings require long term efforts.

Bad quality links

Many companies made the mistake of offering thousands of links for one low price a few years ago. Web sites with high numbers of low quality links pointing to them see their rankings go down or go completely due to numerous changes made by search engines to stop what they consider “search engine spamming”. “You should make every attempt to remove artificial links that point to your website,” recommends Google if your website is infringed by links that you do not directly control. You have the option of opting out of such links as a last resort.

Bad web hosting

Switching from an inferior hosting company to one of the most trusted hosting solutions can result in tremendous site performance. It’s also good to choose one whose data center is in the best location for quick page loads for your website visitors. This can lead to user behavior that informs search engines that other websites should rank higher than yours. The solution is to make sure the bulk of your website visitors have a fast, fast experience by hosting the website as close to your visitors as possible and paying enough to host your website on a server that isn’t 5,000 other websites is overloaded.

The robots.txt file is incorrect

Usually people make a mistake in the robots.txt file. People unwittingly command the search engines to ignore their website and that no one should ever discover it. In this case, no more traffic will flow to your website. The good news is that once you discover this problem and fix it, the leaderboards usually return within a few days, if not weeks. Make sure that your robots.txt file follows standard procedures and is free of errors.

Competitor analysis

It’s a zero-sum game when it comes to search engine rankings. Assuming the ranking of a website increases for a certain term, at least the ranking of another website decreases. This is one of the reasons SEO services are offered continuously, not just once. Because your competitors’ websites are constantly evolving, yours will never be fully optimized. It’s a never-ending game of king of the mountains and the only way to stay on top is to keep working hard.

The latest update from Google

Google employs thousands of PhD students who are eager to improve its search algorithm. Every year the algorithm is modified hundreds of times, with some of the changes being significant and disruptive while most of them have little impact. The names of the more important upgrades are generally animal themes like penguin, panda, or hummingbird.

The problem is that when Google does an update, it affects the ranks of websites that are not compliant. To avoid Google punishment, stick to Google Webmaster Guidelines as best practices and only use white hat SEO techniques. This is the approach to rankings that will bring traffic now and three years from now.

Summary of SEO tips

It is important to know that there is no quick fix or trick to increasing website traffic. To improve your search rankings, you need to use the right methods and put in a lot of effort. So, take a close look at your rankings, find out what affects them, and work on improving them to get the results you want.

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