How often should I post on my blog? What is the best blog posting frequency?

How often should I post on my blog?

It’s a question all bloggers have asked themselves at some point, and a good one to ponder. And while there isn’t a single right answer, there are some good guidelines we can follow.

We put the question to the Niche Pursuits community and got a lot of good answers. I’ll share the answers below before I give you the final answer to the question!

How often should I blog?

how often should i post on my blog

Here’s the question we asked the Niche Pursuits Facebook group.

Ideally, how often should you post on your blog? Does it depend on the niche and / or stage your website is in?

Niche Pursuit’s goal is to publish between 3 new posts per week and Own The Yard is preparing to publish 20 articles per month.

What is the publication rate on your niche pages?

As expected, we received a number of answers to each of the questions. Here’s a bunch of them!

Dan said:

Given the budget / research and time constraints on each of my websites, I do as much as possible.

Dan’s release frequency philosophy is to get as much content as possible live within a given budget of time and money.

I think this is a good summary to really get!

Roman said:

It does not matter. You need to post as soon as you have content to post. That’s it.

My own thoughts are in that direction. However, I think it’s good to set goals and hold yourself accountable, especially when you have a new blog trying to gain momentum.

Chelle gave her thoughts:

I think 1 post per category per week makes sense for those who are at a professional level. For beginners, I say post as much as you can, ASAP.

For everyone in between, once a week is enough. Once your sites are established, they can be ignored for months or even years.

I agree with that for the most part, but I don’t recommend ignoring websites for months or years, even if you can!

For beginners who blog on the side and don’t have a lot of time, one post per week is a good first goal while posting 2 or 3 if possible.

It really adds up – you’ll have at least 52 good posts in a year, a lot that can really start to bring in a little traffic.

It will all depend on:

  • Your goals
  • your priorities
  • and the time or money you have available

Here are some other ideas, methods, or philosophies for how often you should post on your blog.

Blog posts about drip feeding

In response to our post, Syed alluded to the drip feeding method of blog posting.

For sites earlier on the trip, it depends on the budget.

Websites that generate income usually have the budget, but it depends on the owner’s focus on that website.

I’ll finish publishing all the posts and never do a drip feed, but it’s better to set a monthly calendar and personal milestone goal and stick to your budget while looking at progress.

Good advice from Syed.

Some people think that drip feeding blog posts ready to be published are the way to go. That said, holding back articles that are ready to be published to meet a schedule, rather than simply posting everything once it’s done.

Undoubtedly, this is a good option for some websites, but not all.

The benefit of posting content as soon as it’s ready is that it gives it the opportunity to rank sooner.

For most niche sites, affiliate marketing websites, and personal blogs, holding back content isn’t a good idea – post it as soon as it’s done.

Here are some reasons you might want to use content from drip feeds:

  • Your audience expects content on a schedule – for example, post on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • You have a readership that will consume all of your content as soon as it’s published – you don’t want to overwhelm them
  • You can’t get the work done as quickly after it’s published as you can publish – promoting, link building, etc.

Drip feed content ready to be published doesn’t make a lot of sense if most of your traffic is from search.

Search engines don’t care if you publish (and possibly even reward) 10 articles a day, and neither do the people who are just looking for an answer to their questions.

High frequency blog posting

When asked, “How often do you post content?” Russell said he publishes a lot of words every month.

He said:

100,000 words per month. Post as soon as the article is ready.

And that’s all for a website, but I can imagine he has more than a little help with writing, editing, formatting, finishing and publishing that amount of content. However, as you’ll see in the next example, it’s not an entirely impossible amount of content.

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We recently shared a case study from Niche Website Builders. They showed how they aggressively published content on a niche site with great impact. The case study was about building a website on an expired domain.

So was the frequency of content posting:

  • The website launched in December 2020 with 150,000 words
  • In February 2021, they added another 150,000 words
  • Another 100,000 words went live in May 2021 (FAQ style)
  • Then another 100,000 words were published in June

If we take February of 150,000 words as an example, how many articles have been published?

If there are 50 1000 word articles, 25 2000 word articles, and 16 3000 word articles, that’s 91 articles in a month, or about 3 articles a day each day of the month. If you put it that way, it doesn’t sound like that much, does it?

Ssali announced in the FB thread that he too posts “3 articles per day”.

how often should i post on my blog

With the help of powerful expired domains and a high blog posting frequency, this site quickly grew to over 100,000 page views per month.

High posting frequency is sometimes referred to as “the Jon Dykstra Method,” as Jon of the Fat Stacks blog has a philosophy of just posting as much content as possible.

His answer to the question of whether to drip feed or publish is: “Publish all content immediately”.

A moderate frequency of posting

Alessandro shared how often he posted on his blog.

I publish 32 articles a month alone.

So that’s about 1 article a day every day, and it sounds like he’s writing them all himself, even though we don’t know if he’s blogging full-time or not.

I’ve heard from other people with full-time jobs who aim to get one article published every day. Instead of watching Netflix in the evening, write a blog post – it is possible, but it takes discipline!

Niche Website Builders shared another case study on a new keyword research technique they called “Tomb Raiding SEO Keyword Research”.

The sample website in this post had a more moderate publication rate:

  • The website went live in November 2020 with 9 pieces of content with around 13,500 words.
  • For the first few months, content was added slowly and then the rate increased
  • In March 2021, they redirected another page and moved 25 posts
  • As of August 2021, the site has 200 posts with an average length of 1500 words

how often should you blog

As shared, this website grew to around 5,300 page views per day for the last 2 weeks in June before receiving a minor setback from the July 2021 core update on July 1st.

Pageviews dropped to around 3,600 a day but have been falling since then, and were around 4,800 in early August.

This site had a frequency of about 5 posts per week from November to August. It’s been helped a lot by using expired domains (which also carries some risk), but it works very well with this more moderate posting rate.

Low-frequency posting

A low posting rate would be 1 post per week or less.

Zbyněk shared in the Facebook group:

I’m happy when I meet ONE 1000-3000 word article per MONTH.

To this I say: One post a month is definitely better than none a month!

When I started my first affiliate website in the crafting niche, I was lucky enough to get 1 post published a week for the first year.

However, I have always been determined to write and post an article as often as possible. Thankfully it paid off and within a year this site was making $ 2000 a month, and I don’t think the site had even 50 posts at this point. The income then allowed me to slow down my job and increase the frequency of posting.

I’ve since sold this site, but the current niche site I’m focusing on is getting 3-5 new articles a week, with most of the writing being outsourced to content agencies.

This equates to about as many as Toan posted on the FB group, “12-15 a month,” which is a lower posting frequency.

How often should you blog?

How many blog posts should you post per week?

I think Nick summed it up well and gave the final answer:

The more the better.

However, if you still can’t manage to outsource your writing and you don’t have a lot of time, I think it’s good to aim for at least 1 post a week. Everyone should be able to find 3-5 free hours per week to write and publish a new article.

The total number of contributions will gradually add up. Don’t focus on how slowly the site seems to be growing and remember that you are building an asset.

There are other aspects of running a niche site that also deserve attention, such as link building, social media, and admin tasks, but content should always be the priority, at least in the beginning.

And one last word from the only comment I haven’t shared yet, Brett said:

I’m not sure if this is important for blogs, but it is VERY important for YouTube.

For YouTube, 3 videos a week is too much (you might burn out ASMR like TingTing) but every 3 weeks seems nice (I almost always watch them when I’m a subscriber).

This is for those of you who are wondering how often you should post videos on YouTube!

If you want to read these comments and see the responses on Facebook for yourself, you can watch the thread here (after joining the group). Let us know what you think about how often you should post on your blog.

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