How long does it take to sell a site? Some Motion Invest stats …

Motion Invest started almost exactly 2 years ago!

The business that was launched is not the business that Motion Invest is today. In today’s post I want to share what has changed for Motion Invest and how the business is currently working.

I was also asked questions like “How many of the sites listed are actually selling?” I answer these and several other questions today.

I also want to open up the ledger a bit and share some of the numbers behind the numbers. I think these statistics will be of interest to anyone interested in buying or selling websites and what the trends are like over time.

The evolution of Motion Invest

In the short history of Motion Invest we have “swung” a few times.

We initially thought that a membership-type website would be the way to go, where potential buyers would have to pay $ 29 per month to see all of the offers. However, in the early stages of a business where you don’t have a lot of listings, people aren’t very willing to sign up for a monthly subscription.

We quickly removed this paywall and it’s now free to view all listings, including domain names, with a free email sign up.

In addition, we focused solely on buying websites outside of the market ourselves and then selling the websites we bought on the Motion Invest marketplace.

That worked to a certain extent. And we still buy websites directly from time to time.

However, about a year ago we decided that under the traditional brokerage model, where sellers list their websites (after we review them) and pay a low brokerage fee, there is actually less friction.

As a result, we now have a vibrant marketplace for buyers and sellers making acquisitions for verified content sites.

We have a team that reviews every website to check traffic and revenue before it goes live on the marketplace.

The other interesting thing that happened?

We focused (and still are) on the smaller end of the market. Our original plan was to buy and sell under $ 50,000 worth of content sites.

However, more and more sellers are coming to us looking to sell their sites worth over $ 100,000. As a result, we have now carried out a number of transactions in the 6-digit range.

Our largest website sold to date was $ 400,000.

We’re still a very small broker with these numbers, we got it. But we feel like we are serving the smaller end of the market that has been often neglected by bigger brokers.

We look forward to continuing our focus on smaller content sites (whatever the true definition of “small” content sites).

Success rate of the websites listed on Motion Invest

What percentage of the websites listed on Motion Invest are actually sold?

We have detailed data on almost everything.

Of 308 offers that went live on Motion Invest, only 11 were not sold.

In other words, listed websites have a 96.43% success rate!

Your website has a more than 96% chance of being sold successfully if it is listed on Motion Invest.

The reason for such a high success rate? We have a strong review process where we reject many websites that don’t fit well or don’t meet our quality guidelines.

As a buyer, you can know that the sites actually listed are the sites that meet all of our internal criteria. We reject more websites than we list.

Some interesting statistics

How long does it take from submitting your website for review to Motion Invest to the actual sale offer? Of course, this can vary a lot depending on whether you have submitted everything we need in advance, etc.

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  • An average of 5 to 7 days to get a website listed

We’ve improved our turnaround time significantly. When we first started, it took about 12-14 days to get all the necessary reviews and documentation in place before we advertise a site.

Now you can expect the review and listing process to take around 5 to 7 days on average.

How long does it take to actually sell your website once it’s listed?

  • 11.1 days to sell a website on average

Over the past 2 years, it took an average of 11.1 days for a website to be sold on Motion Invest. We have a lot of websites that sell in 1 or 2 days. However, some of the larger websites may take a little longer to complete.

What is the average multiple of websites sold?

So, on average, websites sold 35.5 times their monthly income.

The highest monthly multiple a website was sold for at Motion Invest was 90 times! However, that was for a very small website that is only making $ 20 a month, so it’s an outlier for sure. (Though there have been several websites that have sold for more than 50x; all on the smaller side).

The lowest multiple a website was sold for is 17 times.

Again, this is an outlier on a smaller website.

How does it work?

The process of listing your website on Motion Invest is pretty straightforward. Simply go to the Sell Your Site page here and follow the instructions.

That way, you can get a free evaluation of your site and officially list your site on Motion Invest in case you decide to move on.

You will be asked what type of website you have and how it is monetized. Then you will be asked to provide screenshots or other proof of income of how much money you are making from Amazon Associates, display ads or whatever.

Getting the revenue screenshots is honestly the hardest part to submit your website.

After submitting, you will immediately receive a price that we would pay to buy your website directly AND how much you could expect to sell your website if you listed it on the Motion Invest Marketplace.

Here is an example of what you see when you submit your website for sale:

As you can see from this example above, Motion Invest is offering to buy the website directly for $ 3,600. We close fast (we usually send money within 48 hours) if you decide to sell the site directly to Motion Invest.

Or we’ll give you the estimated retail price of $ 4,335 when you sell on the Motion Invest Marketplace. This usually only takes about an hour of your own time to prepare it for sale and we’ll do the rest. There are no listing fees, but we do charge a brokerage fee when it is sold (fee varies depending on the size of the site).

We then compare to what you can expect to sell the site on Flippa or Empire Flippers.

It takes Flippa a lot more time to prepare the listing (since you list everything there yourself). There is also a $ 49 listing fee and other success fees on Flippa.

This particular site example is too small to sell on Empire Flippers.

If you decide to add your site to the list, the information you submit will be checked by our internal team at Motion Invest with follow-up questions if necessary. If your website passes our review process, it will usually go live in 5 to 7 days.

Motion Invest is making progress

Overall, we’re moving forward at Motion Invest and making it faster and easier to sell your “smaller” niche sites.

We are working flat out to sell locations in the six-figure range, but assume that we will remain at the lower end of the market for the foreseeable future. That is why we started the business and feel that there are a lot of “smaller” site sellers out there who appreciate the focus here.

The business has grown a lot in the last 2 years and we are excited to see what the next 2 years will bring.

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