Review: Can It Really Produce 100% Unique Personalized Content?

More and more companies are relying on AI content tools. A newer company coming out is called Its founder, Harish Kumar, has achieved some amazing things with AI in content marketing. I like to think of Crawlq as a kind of “indie” software. It has a lot of potential, but is not quite “there” yet. is an AI copywriting tool that claims to research your target audience and generate highly personalized insights, stories, questions and answers. On their homepage it says that the tool is a content automation software that scales and halves the writing time.

You can get started in minutes, but the system is a little complicated and user reports of website crashes are a little too frequent. The learning curve is also a bit steep, but highly personalized content can be generated that is 100% unique and optimized for each target group.

We decided to put this AI content generator to the test with a full test. We tested it to see how well AI technology can keep up.

Is the content really good? Can AI content exist for human authors? Let’s find out.

Would you like to try yourself? has an entry-level plan for beginners, and they are currently offering a Lifetime Deal on AppSumo!


What is

According to Linkedin, was founded in 2019 and employs 12 people, mainly in the Netherlands.

For a little over 2 years of age, the traction looks good. Crunchbase reveals that the team raised a $ 350,000 startup fund from a few different investors. According to Crunchbase, was funded by its founder Harish with $ 350,000.

Who is the tool best for? is best for product design engineers, product managers, CTOs, SaaS CMOs, sales and marketing technology. It specializes in serious content writers who want to invest the time and effort learning and using Crawlq.

While most GPT3 writers seem to make things easier, Crawlq is almost more complicated. While I couldn’t vouch for the tool today, I see its potential, and there are likely to be users shredding the data-driven content that Craqlq generates, but it will likely take some time to train the model and learn the software. review

It mainly focuses on a few different types of services:

  • Market Research – What sets Crawlq apart from other AI content writers is that it has features like Marketmuse to create content that is relevant to your audience
  • Working area – allow you to target your content in a more targeted manner to train the AI ​​writer to consistently write better content.
  • Spy Assistant – another SEO function to use the AI ​​content

Crawlq has a specialized data-driven content builder.

It’s one of the few AI tools we’ve seen that actually takes the niche for continuously creating content that makes sense to the audience. This means it will take a little longer to set up, but in theory, if done correctly, much greater content accuracy can be achieved over time.

How to use

Getting started with is very easy

I really want to like the tool, but the learning curve seems a bit steep. Sometimes I’d rather just write the content instead of using the overly complicated processes. Your YouTube channel has plenty of well-crafted tutorials to walk you step by step through making any type of copy you need, but there is still a steep learning curve to be found.

Here’s a look at the inside of and how to use some of its features.

Let’s say I wanted to do a text report on current environments and trends. functions

The initial screen when starting the content optimization function gives you countless options. It’s a bit overwhelming. But each is designed to produce slightly different output depending on the goal.

For this example I decided to generate text about the current environment and trends. I entered a few details to use Niche Pursuits as a data source.

how to use

Here are the results it generated.

The results are generated on the right side of the inputs. It’s a bit confusing as they have both a Trends and Insights section.

The trending section actually generated more than 1000 words. This is more than most other AI content tools typically generate. That being said, I’m not sure if any of the 1000 words could actually be used. is good

After reading the article, I found that not much of it makes sense.

This could be an issue with the way I seeded the content, so I tried again with one of their examples. Again the contents were too difficult to read. It should be noted that I chose a market research option to generate text so that it was expected to create content that would be more difficult to read, but that content is likely not suitable for blog content to begin with.

Next, I tested the “Create a full blog post” feature. I started by asking the AI ​​content to make a post about ice cream. In particular “outdoor projects for children”. reviews

The results are there in just a few minutes. However, it’s not the full post just yet. examples

Much like MarketMuse would give you suggested titles and keywords, CrawlQ does a similar process. It has put together a content letter. But it was pretty bare. It won’t automatically generate it for you perfectly on the first try, but it does provide some good starting points.

I wanted to go a step further to see what kind of content it would generate, so I tested the “Create Headline” and “Write to me Athena” options.

crawlq review

I was able to create 300 words in less than a few seconds. This content seemed a bit better than my first tests.

Grammar and spelling

Much effort has gone into improving machine learning algorithms to achieve more natural looking content generation. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s gotten a lot better over the past few years.

grammar is great for identifying certain grammatical errors in your writing and marking them for further review.

To test how good the Ai-generated copy of is, I left the paragraphs through Grammarly. Surprisingly, it did pretty well, getting an overall rating of 98%. test

These are the typing problems that came back. The Grammarly score was 98, which is better than some of our other tests, but it’s only 300 words so the sample size is a bit smaller.

The grammar itself isn’t the best judge of the quality of the content, but if you are familiar with the tool you will know that, in general, it means that the content is acceptable. It may only take a few changes to incorporate it into your voice or to suit your preferred writing style.


crawlq alternatives

When it comes to plagiarism with the AI ​​copy generated by, Grammarly found 8% plagiarism.

This is usually about right, especially if you’re used to checking lengthy blog posts for plagiarism. I find these usually come back with a plagiarism rate of 1-2% (which usually comes from completely independent content).


When it comes to AI generated text, accuracy and truthfulness can be a big problem.

For example, if you blog about survival knives but the content comes back with kitchen knives, the reader is sure to be confused.

Crawlq’s accuracy was actually pretty hard to see with our initial testing, but it has by far the greatest potential for AI tools we’ve seen so far when it comes to accuracy.

Crawlq appears to be training models in the background, the accuracy with the tool could actually be pretty good.

In one case, while testing, I asked the tool to create content on a topic, but the project niche I had previously selected was a completely different one. The result was a mixture of the two that didn’t make any sense. This is actually a good thing (if you type correctly) because content authoring takes into account the custom inputs that are generated when the projects are built.

Key Features also has a handful of other important features and benefits:

  • Discover search
  • Heading generation
  • Offer and call-to-action copywriting
  • AI content rewriter
  • AI content summary review

All in all, my first impressions and experiences with are that it can be a useful and helpful tool for the right person.

As mentioned earlier, I really want to like the tool, but the learning curve seems a bit steep. Sometimes I’d rather just write the content than mess around with the AI ​​writing composer.

To benefit from the tool, you need to use it seriously and consistently – this is not a tool simply to help with “writer’s block” as many of the other tools like or claim.

In the case of certain topics – especially those relating to the health and well-being of humans and animals – the truthfulness and correctness must be checked. Most of the time, however, it’s fine.

This is one of the more complicated AI tools, although artificial intelligence is supposed to be a little tricky.

It would have been nice to see a few more tutorials showing how users are using Crawlq for the best results. In the first few videos, the founder often talked about content in general. But the tool seems to have a lot of potential if the user interface gets a little more user-friendly.

As with all AI tools, it’s a new and exciting time, so there’s only room for improvement at Crawlq.

Used together with Well Content optimization tools and things like Grammarly I wouldn’t rule it out. Try the basic package to test it out for yourself. prices

crawlq price is it worth it?

Prices start at $ 79 / month.

The basic package has a limit of 20 documents per month. Their pricing page also has the option for a “starter” package, but it’s unclear what that pricing includes. alternatives

If you think isn’t for you, there are plenty of alternative AI text authoring services out there.

Other AI copywriting and copywriting software:

  • (best for longer blog content)
  • Jarvis (best for social media and copywriting)

All tools are relatively cheap with similar features and can also be tested with free trials.

We’re just beginning to see what these AI content tools can do, and I expect them to get a lot better in the near future.

Who knows where online business and blogging will lead?

Would you like to try yourself? has an entry-level plan for beginners as well as paid plans starting at $ 79 / month.


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