Is the best longform AI content generator? We tested it to find out

I’ve heard a lot lately about an AI content creation company called Today I’m going to dive in with a full review. is an AI copywriting tool that claims makes content writing fast. The homepage mainly focuses on long format content and states that the tool is “your AI writing assistant” [that] makes it quick and easy to create content for your blog, social media, website, and more. ‘

Just like with all AI content generators, fact checking and monitoring of the correctness of content is not possible. But Jarvis can write surprisingly good lyrics. Breaking down paragraph by paragraph is a quick way to create long content and the content seems pretty solid. Using Jarvis templates and recipes, it comes pretty close to generating a long blog post using AI.

We decided to put this AI content generator to the test with a full review. We tested it to see how AI technology could hold up.

Is the content really good? Can AI content exist for human authors? Let’s find out.

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What is

According to Linkedin, was founded in 2020 and has 8 employees, mainly in Austin, Texas.

For a little over 1 year the traction looks good. The team quietly raised a $ 6 million startup fund from a few different investors like Foundation Capital and

Who is the tool best for? is best suited for any type of content writer, but especially for those who create long format content, social media posts, and other copywriting tasks on a daily basis. Creating custom recipes and templates is one of my favorite functions.

You can create your own repeatable recipe to use over and over, but there are still general templates that you can use if all you need is quick content. review

It mainly focuses on a few different types of services:

  • Create Original Content That Rank For SEO – Create educational blog articles that are keyword rich and plagiarism free
  • Finish Your First Draft 2-5x Faster – Speed ​​up your content pipeline by having 80% writing by Jarvis and 20% human editing
  • Increase Ad Conversions With Better Text – Write and easily test additional text variations to increase sales and improve ROAS
  • Ending Writer’s Block with Ideas from a Robot – Staring at a Blank Page? Relax and let Jarvis write creative texts for you

Compared to all the other tools on the market, Jarvis feels like it has momentum. They release a lot of new features.

There is a ton of activity going on and they are really dedicated to growing, not only for copywriting but also for lengthy content.

How to use

It’s very easy to get started with

The platform can also be scaled for companies. Plus, pricing is fair at $ 29 / month or $ 24 / month if paid annually.

They also have plenty of well-crafted tutorials that will walk you step by step through making each type of copy you may need.

Here’s a look at the inside of the tool and how to use some of its features.

Review of Jarvis Boss mode

The first feature I tried was their template for “Explain It To a Child”.

My goal was to take a pretty complicated science article and have it tell me what it says like an eighth grader. To start with, I just used a simple template. functions

I copied a text from a scientific journal on “Memorandum on Design Oriented Information Systems Research”. The original context was boring and very difficult to read.

Here are the results it generated.

Review of the jarvis content generator

The results weren’t bad. Still a bit difficult to read, but a huge improvement.

The biggest problem is that as an eighth grader, you can only enter 600 characters to rewrite them. This limits you to just one or two paragraphs at a time.

Next, I tested the ‘Create a Complete Long Form Blog Post Using Long Form Wizard’ feature.

To get started, you have the option to start over with the Jarvis commands, or you can use a guide that goes through a post from start to finish.

how to use

I decide to use the guide for the first time. reviews

Next you will be guided through a series of questions such as: For example, to create a title, keywords, and your first introductory paragraph. It offers suggestions to make this easier.

    AI writing assistant

At first I was quite impressed with the suggested titles and the introductory section.

Now we come to the long-form content. I thought that ‘Boss Mode’ might have some amazing long-form content, but like all AI writers, it takes a bit of work.

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jarvis AI writing assistant

After spending some time learning the commands, I was able to see how Jarvis could really accelerate your content writing initiatives. All you have to do is guide Jarvis to give you what you want, it is not a 1 click solution.

Grammar and spelling

Much effort has gone into improving machine learning algorithms to achieve more natural looking content generation. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s gotten a lot better over the past few years.

Grammar is great for identifying specific grammatical errors in your writing and marking them for further review.

To be consistent with some of our other AI tests, I created around 300 words that I want to run through Grammarly. The content scored an 87, which is roughly average when compared to our other tests. is good

The grammar itself isn’t the best judge of the quality of the content, but if you are familiar with the tool you will know that, in general, it means that the content is acceptable. It may only take a few changes to incorporate it into your voice or to suit your preferred writing style.


is easy to use?

When it comes to plagiarism with the AI ​​copy generated by, Grammarly has found 20% plagiarism.

This seems a bit high, especially if you’re used to checking longer blog posts for plagiarism. I find these usually come back with a plagiarism rate of 1 or 2% (which is usually from completely unrelated content).


When it comes to AI generated text, accuracy and truthfulness can be a big problem.

For example, if you blog about survival knives but the content comes back with kitchen knives, the reader is sure to be confused. Content accuracy is probably one of the biggest complaints I hear when it comes to AI generated content.

Here is an example in this next screenshot.

AI content accuracy

To test how accurate Jarvis is, I asked the question, “Can people eat poison ivy?”

According to, “the digestive and respiratory tracts are compromised when poison ivy is eaten, causing death in some cases.” My common sense also tells me that this is not a good idea.

According to Jarvis, eating poison ivy isn’t a big deal (I think if you’re a robot, it’s probably okay?).

Key Features also has a handful of other important features and benefits:

  • Improve AI content with our surfer SEO partnership in order to rank for valuable keywords
  • Integration with SurferSEO (read our SurferSEO review)
  • The tool can write and translate content in 26 languages
  • Create Quora or Review responses
  • Create blog ideas
  • Content Enhancement – Take a piece of content and rewrite it to make it more interesting, creative, and engaging review voucher

All in all, my first impressions and experiences with are that it can be a useful and helpful tool for the right person.

As I mentioned earlier, the tool is easy to use, but it can also be scaled for businesses.

If I were to write content full-time, this tool could really help get your pen down on paper and start writing. However, because the accuracy isn’t all that great, it doesn’t really eliminate the research you need to do to create an accurate blog post.

In the case of certain topics – especially those relating to the health and well-being of humans and animals – the truthfulness and correctness must be checked. Most of the time, however, it’s fine.

Overall, I love the direction Jarvis is going. As with all AI tools, it is not “automatic” but has the potential for content writers to really speed up their day-to-day tasks.

Coupled with content improvement tools and the like like Grammarly, I wouldn’t rule it out. Try the starter pack to test it out for yourself. prices discount

Pricing starts at $ 29 / month or $ 24 / month if paid annually.

Boss mode is the most talked-about package from Jarvis.AI. This is a great way to create long pieces of content.

While you can start at $ 29 / month in their base package if you want to create long content, you have to go for the “Boss Mode” package, which costs $ 119 / month.

Would you like to try yourself? has a $ 29 / month starter pack that you can try too!

Check out HERE alternatives

If you think is not for you, there are plenty of alternative AI advertising services out there.

Other AI copywriting and copywriting software:

All tools are relatively cheap with similar features and can also be tested with free trials.

We’re just beginning to see what these AI content tools can do, and I expect them to get a lot better in the near future. We hope you found this review helpful.

Who knows where online business and blogging will lead? But I don’t expect content writers and content agencies to become unemployed any time soon!

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