How To Find Out Which WordPress Theme A Website Is Using (FAST!)

If you want to know how can I find what I am looking for WordPress topic a website used, You are in the right place.

Maybe you were looking for WordPress subjects, and you’ll struggle to find the perfect one.

Or maybe you are already up a website that looks stunning and unique and you know right away, this is it topic to you.

They’re snooping around like Sherlock Holmes, desperately looking for a clue.

But nothing is displayed.

What are you doing now?

The first is not to give up, because there are still a few things to try.

In this article, you will learn a few tricks to find out what WordPress topic uses a website.

You will discover manual methods and a few WordPress topic detector Tools to help you.

Let’s dive in.

How do you know which ones? template A website Used?

Here's how to find out which WordPress theme a website is using

Corresponding Tech jury, over 450 million people use it WordPress. From this we can conclude that over 450 million people are using some type of WordPress template on their website.

Most will be free to use WordPress subjectswhile some will use Premium themes, and a small percentage use bespoke designs.

The free and Premium themes are usually easy to figure out, but the bespoke templates are for when things get tricky.

We’ll discuss this in more detail in a moment, but for now the best way to find out is which template a website is used a WordPress Detector tool or by inspecting the website‘S CSS file, Source code and the content itself.

However, there are times when you pull a loophole, usually for two reasons:

  • the website used a bespoke template
  • WordPress does not exist (in other words, the website does not use WordPress)

WordPress not being present is self-explanatory; the website uses a different CMS (Content management system) or another programming language.

A tradition template is something you will come across at times while looking for one topic – often found on established websites.

What is a Custom WordPress topic?

custom WordPress theme

A Custom WordPress topic is a uniquely designed topic specially created for you and yours website.

They are usually designed by WordPress Web developers who can produce a specific one topic to the needs of the customer.

The advantages of a Custom WordPress topic are:

  • Nobody has the same design as you
  • It can help build your brand
  • The WordPress topic is designed the way it should be
  • Others cannot track your website topic (Usually)

The cost of a custom template can be quite expensive and depends on what’s involved.

For example:

A tailor-made one child topic created to work on one WordPress Framework like Genesis will be less expensive than a template Redesigned from the ground up.

if a website uses a proper custom template, you can’t use the same as it was designed by them for you.

However, as mentioned earlier, custom templates only make up a small percentage of the WordPress subjects up and running so we can mostly find out which ones topic a website used.

Manual methods to see which WordPress topic You use.

Before using a WP detector tool, you can try the following manual methods to see if there are results related to the topic.

Let’s start with the simplest exam of all.

Check the contents for any clues

Frequently a website The owner will tell you which one topic they use. You usually do this in a blog post or on a resource page.

Look for a page on the website‘s menu that says:

Resources, tools we use, recommended tools and software, or the like.

If you read these pages you will often find that the name of the topic they use.

If that doesn’t work, look for a search bar in the website and search for the following words one after the other:

Recommended topics, the best WordPress THamm, I love Genesis, I love this T.Hamm, Favorite THamm, and so forth.

Often you will discover posts on the website that tells you something topic they use.

Sometimes a simple check in the websiteFind out everything you need to know in the footer of topic.

While you can remove the footer credits on most designs, some are website Owners either leave it alone using it as an affiliate link or they don’t know how to remove it so they leave it as it is.

To check the footer:

Step 1. Visit the website that has topic you like

Step 2. Scroll to the footer and look for a link to the topic.

That’s it!

See the image below for an example:

As you can see this is website uses the Generate Press topic. A look at the footer of. always worth it a website to see if they show that topic they use.

Source code/CSS file Check on WordPress topic recognition

WordPress source code for theme detection

The final manual check is to look at the source code files of the website. This simple check can show which WP topic takes getting used to.

Visit the website Of your choice, right click and select “View Source”. or “Show page source”.

View source file button

Then look for the WP content area in the header area of ​​the code.

You can then use the name of the WordPress topic who uses the site – see image below:

CSS file of the website

As you can see in the picture above, this is the topic used is Generate Press.

The best WP topic detector Tools

Another easy way to find that WordPress topic a website is used, a. to use WordPress topic detector Tool.

These are easy to use and can find results in seconds.

Let’s start with the most popular.

1 what WordPress topic Is that

Which WordPress theme is that?

What WordPress topic Is That is a free tool that does the WordPress topic a website used.

It’s super easy to use, and all you have to do is enter your domain name or url and read the results.

Here is an example of its use and what the results look like:

First enter the domain name of the website You want and hit the green search button.

WordPress theme search

The software searches for a few seconds and then displays the results.

Which WordPress Theme Results?

As you can see, the results show that the WP topic is the cadence topic. It also offers you that WP topic Home page, recognized plugins, and a screenshot of the topic.

2. Is it? WordPress tool

IS IT WordPress

Another well-known one WordPress Detector tool is called “Is It” WordPress. “

It works the same as the previous one topic detector and shows the topic and hosting provider results.

Let’s see it in action when you enter a domain name and hit the blue analysis website Button.

Enter website Url:

What is this search topic?

Then read the results:

IS IT WP website search

The result shows you that the website Used WordPress and provides the whois information and the name of the WordPress topic.

Sometimes this tool will tell you that the topic is not on our records, but it still shows his name.

While this can be a little confusing, the tool still works for what you need to do.

3. Scan WP

Scan the wp theme

Scan WP is an online tool that is used daily by hundreds of people who are after template they want to use on their websites.

It’s another easy-to-use tool.

You enter the url and hit the recognition button.

Here is an example of how it works.

Scan WP search

Enter the website Name and select “Recognize”.

You will then be shown the results.

WordPress theme results

As you can see in the picture above, this is it website uses a child topic on the Genesis framework.

It doesn’t show that child topic‘s name, so a bit more snooping around websites that offer Genesis child themes may be required.

4th WP topic detector

WordPress theme detector

WordPress topic detector is the finale WordPress topic Discuss tool. WP beginners have that topic detector Tool, and like the others it is free to use.

It searches the CSS and source code of the file for the website URL that you add to the search area. It then comes back with that topic details.

Let’s take a look.

Enter the url and press the orange ‘Analyze’ website‘Button.

Search for WordPress themes using the website url

Then look at the results:

WordPress template results

As you can see, that is website uses the Astra topic.

The tool says it is likely a custom reward topicwhich may mean more research may be needed, but at least now you know that it is built and possible with the Astra. to be built topic.

Final thoughts too How to find something WordPress topic A website Used

Everyone wants his website to be perfect with all the trimmings.

You think you have a good design but then you come across a blog that looks stunning and is perfect for what you need.

You have to get this theme!

The good news is that you now have all the tools and knowledge you need to figure out which WordPress theme a website is using.

If you’re not happy with your blog design, search other websites and use the tactics in this article to get rid of the topic they use.

Yes, sometimes you’ll pull a loophole mainly because the site uses a custom one topic, but most of the time you can figure it out in minutes.

Start with the manual methods; If that doesn’t work, try one of the WordPress detection tools mentioned above.

The big advantage here is that you can do it.

You know how can I find what I am looking for WordPress topic a website used.

So go out there and do it.

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