So, with Steve Toth, you will rank # 1 for high volume keywords, information gain score, and other SEO strategies

SEO expert Steve Toth is the newest guest on the Niche Pursuits podcast.

Steve has a long history in the SEO industry. He started out as a copywriter running a web development company blog in 2010, which led him on his journey into search engine optimization.

His expertise soon earned him a position as SEO Strategy Lead for Freshbooks – a huge company that provides accounting software for people who run their own businesses.

During the interview, Steve shared an insight into what it is like to be the leading SEO man in such a large company and his daily work while at the multi-award winning company.

He also shares his strategy of ranking number one for a keyword with 300,000 searches each month. He offers a lot Pearls of wisdom regarding the information gain score as well as a unique perspective on the research of content for the keyword strategy.

In addition, the discussion also covers his new WordPress plugin called Gscore, which is slated to hit the market in early 2022. The plugin works with the Google search console, highlights keyword phrases that need attention, and comes with some really exciting features.

Some of the other topics covered are:

  • SEO Notebook: the weekly curated strategy that he sends to over 10,000 subscribers every week for free
  • PAA counseling (people also ask)
  • Backlinks
  • Information Gain Score (what it is and why it matters)
  • How Working for an SEO Agency Can Help You Be Successful and What to Look For
  • How to organize yourself for keyword research
  • The greatest thing he has learned working with SEO experts
  • Hub-and-spoke cluster strategy
  • Selected snippets
  • And much more

Resources and links mentioned in the podcast

Watch the full interview:

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