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How Stephen Hockman Sold a 1 Year Old Affiliate Site for Over $100k

Stephen Hockman of SEO Chatter has over 15 years of experience in affiliate marketing. He’s grown many affiliate sites, been through Google penalties, recently sold a niche site, written a book, and is currently building an SEO site in public, all the while sharing his strategies. He’s full of practical advice on SEO, content creation, […]

Google Search Console Vs Google Analytics: A Comprehensive Comparison and Guide

Google Analytics and Google Search Console are invaluable tools for running any website, and especially an online business. For new website owners, a comparison of Google Search Console vs Google Analytics is important to understand what each tool is good for, when you should use them, and how to set the two tools up. This […]

Mike Vranjkovic Of Empire Flippers Capital On Website Investors And Operators

The managing director of Empire Flippers Capital, Mike Vranjkovic, joins us on the podcast this week. EF Capital is a part of Empire Flippers – it’s their fund to aline accredited investors with operators. They take these investors and pair them up with operators to help them run a portfolio of assets.  This includes: Content […]

What Is A Blogger And What Are Blogs For? Get Started Blogging Today

What is a blogger? Blogging has changed over the years from small personal sites to multi-million dollar businesses. With that, so to have bloggers evolved to keep up with these changes and drive the industry forward. These days, bloggers can be found all over the world and come from a huge variety of different backgrounds. […]

10+ BEST Supplement Affiliate Program For Health, Fitness, And Lifestyle Blogs

Are you a health, fitness, or lifestyle blogger looking for the best supplement affiliate programs to join? It’s often difficult to find programs that both pay good commissions and convert well. Often it’s a case of testing out a wide variety of offers on your audience until you find something that just clicks. Here are […]

Jason Lee From The FBA Flipper On Amazon FBA Businesses Today

This week we’re joined on the podcast by Jason Lee from The FBA Flipper helps buyers to purchase reputable China-based Amazon FBA Businesses and the discussion therefore largely revolves around Amazon FBA businesses. Jason started out in the industry working at Empire Flippers, one of the top brokers for online businesses. They sell a […]

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